IoT Plant Monitoring System | Planter AI

Here’s a sample project called Planter AI. This project was built with DappAR to showcase our base framework. We encourage you to get Planter AI on your phone and the equipment below to familiarize yourself with this IoT configuration. Add up to four plants, and get notified by text messaging when they need to be watered.
Onboard sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric pressure will display current values in the Planter AI Dapp. Features such as pairing the Dapp to the system and Augmented Reality overlays come from scanning the sensor board OLED screen which shows the health and status of your plants and system.
Once you’re familiar and ready, access our Github repository to prototype and publish your own sensor-driven Dapp.
Packing List:

1. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

2. Arduino UNO

3. Arduino Sensor Kit Base

4. Soil Moisture Sensors with extended 4 pin cables. x4

Developer Kit | Planter AI

Connect the Raspberry Pi *above to the Arduino UNO *below
Connect the Arduino UNO *above to the Arduino Sensor Kit Base *below
This project uses four soil moisture sensors with extended cables. You will secure them to the Arduino Sensor Kit Base *above to A3, A2, A1 and A0